Project Throwback – Giant Jenga

Sometimes you see things while your out and about in the world and think, “I should make me one of those”. That’s how I decided to start my Giant Jenga build.

Project Throwback – Custom Baby Gate

My baby boy quickly when from barely moving at all to crawling up the stairs (and everything else) at full speed, which highlighted the need for baby gates.

Gizmos Board Game Card Holder

This card holder was designed to be stackable, fit into the original gizmos box, and provide easy access to the cards during game play.

I Made a Notebook

Inspired by a co-worker, I decided to make a notebook.  My existing combination of Field Notes, generic lined notepads, and a random notebook from a local conference was functional, but I was ready for something more personalized.  An easy to make notebook might help me actually use my notebooks more frequently since the material needed…

Just when you thought you were done…

I’ve been working with a group of people at work to build a 3d Printer. It’s assembled, but there are still hella issues to work out. It goes a little something like this…